Two layer cotton mask for keeping others safe while you are running errands if social distancing might not be possible.  This is not a medical mask, it is the style were are being asked to wear in public spaces.  Think of it as a sign of kindness, of respect for people who you might come into contact with. Washable, reversible. Elastic ear loops keep it comfortable and in place.  One side will have the pattern of your choice, the other will be plain blue, beige, or white. Nose piece keeps it comfortably in place. Masks are $6 each, and shipping for any quantity is $3.  The site will charge you $4 and I can't figure out how to change it right now so when you order, I will issue a $1 refund for the shipping overage.  It's the best I can do until I can find the page to edit shipping. Also, I have no idea why there are picture of ribbon collars on this page, they should not be there but how to get rid of them is anybody's guess. Just ignore them. Everything is weird right now, there might as well be random photos on the page.

cotton (non-medical) mask


    Pale Moon Mask/Autumn Moon Mask

    Pale Moon Mask/Autumn Moon Mask

    Brown Bear/ Red Bear

    Pink Raven/Autumn Raven/Bright Raven

    Polar Bears/Polar Bears with Fish

    Cardinals with Birch Trees

    Alaska Wildflowers

    Salmon Webbing