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Arctic Pups Dog Booties come in 4 sizes.  I reinforce all booties with a rubberized fabric on the bottom and the toe. They are soft enough that the dog can grip through with their nails but tough enough to last.  


  I don't finish the top, so they are stretchy and easy to put on.  


  I use a double sided velcro so the hooks grab on to the fabric when the booties are on snug enough and keep the boties from slipping off.


Here's a big tip for getting booties to stay on.  People get really nervous about putting booties on too tight.  You really can't get them on too tight.  I don't want you to be able to get your finger under the velcro when it's wrapped around the dog's ankle.  Try to pull the bootie off once you think it's on right.  If youc an pull it off, it's going to come off.  Put it on tighter than that.

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